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SHIP YOUR CAR FROM Texas To California

As you move from the Lone Star State of Texas to the Golden State of California, you know your trip will be long. Along with making sure the moving company you hired to get your furniture and other items to California arrives on time, you’ll also need to ensure your car arrives as well. Since many people fail to take this into account prior to moving, they are often left trying to make quick decisions at the last minute, often leading to poor results. If you want to make sure your luxury vehicle, classic car, or standard passenger vehicle arrives as expected in California, turn to us here at Unlimited Auto Trans.​

Car Transport Companies Near You

Along with being bonded, licensed, and insured, we have many years of experience working with satisfied customers. Along the way, we have established ourselves as the leading auto transport broker in the nation, and have also created a nationwide network of local trucking companies with whom we work to transport vehicles across the United States. Once you book your vehicle’s pickup and delivery with us, we will pair you with a trucking company in your area that can provide safe and reliable service from Texas to California.


Once your carrier’s driver has picked up your vehicle and is on the way to California, you’ll want to stay informed as to when your car will arrive at your new location. Fortunately when you rely on Unlimited Auto Trans, status updates are only a simple phone call away. For many of our customers, they contact our Customer Support agents at 888-435-9766 to find out the status of their vehicle. Yet for others, they choose their other option of calling their carrier’s driver directly, allowing them to get a firsthand account of the action. Whichever you prefer, you can be sure you will get the latest information that is always accurate and reliable. If you have your moving van packed but still find your car is parked in the driveway, now is the time to contact Unlimited Auto Trans. To get you free estimate, visit or call 888-435-9766.

How to Request a Price Estimate

If you try to make arrangements for your car’s transport at the last minute, the company you choose will know you are desperate. As a result, they usually charge a much higher price than is needed, and also include numerous hidden fees that must be paid when you’re handed the final bill. At Unlimited Auto Trans, this is not how we conduct business. Once you visit us online at or contact us by phone at 888-435-9766, our Customer Support agents will begin to find out details of your trip, any special needs you may have for your vehicle, and answer other questions you may have. Upon doing so, you will receive a free no-obligation quote that includes all charges from start to finish, allowing you to know exactly what your car’s trip to California will cost.