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At Unlimited Auto Trans, we provide safe and on time car transport at competitive prices. Ship your car stress free knowing we’re licensed, bonded, and insured.
From passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and even luxury cars, we can ship nationwide.

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SHIP YOUR CAR FROM New York To Houston

When you think of auto transport, you probably envision large trucks with multiple vehicles stacked on top of one another. While these vehicles are headed for dealerships, there are also situations where individuals need vehicles transported from one city to another due to a job relocation or other situation. When this happens, most people have no idea what to do. If you’re facing this dilemma, look no further than Unlimited Auto Trans.

Shipping LUXURY & Classic Cars

Even if you have a luxury sedan, classic car that is restored to its original beauty, or a standard passenger vehicle you rely on each day, Unlimited Auto Trans will make sure your vehicle gets from New York to Houston quickly, easily, and will be on time and in excellent condition upon arrival. Since we work closely with various local trucking companies across the nation, we will match you with a carrier in your area who is experienced in auto transport and has an excellent record of reliability and safety.

Car Transport Companies Near You

Once you start working with a local carrier, you will be contacted to arrange a vehicle pickup date, time, and location that fits into your schedule. Since we know your time as well as your car are valuable, we make every effort to work with you to ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. In fact, you will not only receive automatic updates about your vehicle’s projected pickup and delivery dates, but also status updates along the way once your car is on its way to Houston.


For many of our customers, their vehicles may have various specialized needs to be addressed prior to being transported from New York to Houston. For example, should you have a luxury vehicle or classic car, you may want to use an enclosed trailer for extra protection of your vehicle. Should this be the case, simply speak with one of our Customer Support agents, and it will be done. If your car is eager to move from New York to Houston, don’t procrastinate. Instead, visit or call 888-435-9766 to get your price estimate.

Auto Transport Safety Measures

Once you begin working with us at Unlimited Auto Trans, you will always be able to verify your vehicle’s condition both before it departs New York and again when it arrives in Houston. When your driver arrives to pick up your vehicle, you and your driver will inspect your vehicle to verify its condition. Upon arrival in Houston, you will do the same once it is offloaded from its trailer. When you work with us at Unlimited Auto Trans, your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

How to RECEIVE a Price Estimate

Contrary to what you may think, arranging to have your vehicle transported from New York to Houston will be a very easy process. For starters, you can go online at or call our Customer Support agents at 888-435-9766, answer a few questions, and receive a no-obligation quote that will be quite affordable.