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Driving across the country is a time-consuming, expensive endeavor that puts unnecessary miles on one of your most valuable assets—your car. 

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"To trust a stranger with you car is not easy!"

At Unlimited Auto Trans, we understand that completely. However, we believe there are better ways to get from Point A to Point B. That's why we go the extra mile to offer a convenient, affordable, full-service auto transportation option that operates across the contiguous United States. That’s coast-to-coast car shipping and everywhere in between, without the hassle or headaches.

The company has developed a strong reputation and relationship nationwide. This helps provide a safety net to people looking for easy, safe, and fast car shipping services. The Auto Transport business may seem murky at best, but not everybody is out there to get you. Let us show you why we are a reliable partner.

Big or small, expensive or inexpensive every car is our no. 1 priority

Big or small, expensive or inexpensive every car is our no. 1 priority Our dedicated car shipping experts have 11+ years of experience on the transportation equation's carrier and broker sides. We know how to work with carriers to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your vehicle. We’re passionate about helping our customers find the right option at the right price. So whether you need to get your trusty family car across the country fast or have a luxury vehicle or motorbike that requires some extra care and attention, we’ll work diligently to make it happen.
Bobby Kotev
Bobby Kotev
Founder & CEO

What Makes Us Better?

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Leader in Auto Transport Industry

     Unlimited Auto Trans is an Illinois-based auto transport company. With more than 11 years of experience, we quickly became an industry leader in top-of-the-line car shipping. We offer fast, reliable, and professional auto transport services at highly competitive prices.

    We know you don’t want to trust just anyone with your vehicle. Rest assured, our brokerage is fully insured, licensed, and bonded nationwide with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  

Integrity & Professionalism

Unlimited Auto Trans is committed to providing our customers with the highest caliber of customer service at the best possible price. We do not charge sky-high brokerage fees, and we work hard to match you with the ideal carrier for big savings we can pass on to our customers. Our experience as both a broker and a carrier means our customers benefit from a comprehensive view of every facet of the industry.
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5 Star Vehicle Shipping Experience

Our brokerage makes safe and meticulous transport our highest priority. Unlimited Auto Trans is fully insured, licensed, and bonded with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can rest easy that your vehicle will be treated with the greatest standard of care and respect.

What We Ship?

car shipping services


Planning a car shipping takes time, but it shouldn’t be a stressful experience. The process from point A to point B is easy when you use professional services. Unlimited Auto Transport offers the most convenient and stress-free ways to transport your car in the United States. Whether you’ve transported vehicles before, or this is your first time, you’ll get everything you need to know to make the whole car shipping process easy.

Open trailer auto transportation of new cars


Make sure you’re working with the best auto transport company when it comes to shipping SUVs or VAN. These vehicles are a little more complicated to ship. Due to their size and weight, they can be placed only on specific spots on the trailer. A competent company will provide you necessary info and guidance to help you with an easy and safe delivery.

Luxury Vehicle Transportation


Luxury Car Shipping takes the utmost care. Whether you are sending it to a car show or just moving it to its new home we have the perfect service to fit your needs. Shipped safely with in an enclosed trailer, strapped down by tires only the car is securely whisked away to be delivered to your desired location at your desired time. It always comes with door-to-door service and it is always shipped on the same truck with the same truck driver that picks it up from your house.

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Who doesn't want to own one of these? The hallmarks of vehicles are of the classical, vintage, or exotic variant. They have some of the most iconic looks in vehicle history and are heavily sought after. Once you own one of these beautiful cars, you will need a classic car shipping expert to get it to your front door- safe and sound. With over 11 years of experience, Unlimited Auto Trans can set up a swift, safe, and reliable classic car shipping that will get your classic or antique car to your front door looking at its top shape with our door-to-door service.

Luxury Vehicle Transportation


Sports cars are our passion! That's why we specialize in safely delivering vehicles like Ferraris, Porsches, Lotuses and Lamborghinis, etc. Sports cars require special care while being transported, and we give you the options you need. We strongly recommend enclosed auto shipping as your best bet when it comes to transporting your sports car because it will be protected from the sun, heat, air, snow, rain, etc.

motorcycle shipping


When you need to ship a motorcycle, you need an experienced motorcycle transport company that you can rely on. For over 11 years, Unlimited Auto Trans has been providing reliable nationwide motorcycle shipping services. We have developed a great relationship with over 2,000 certified nationwide motorcycle movers.

What Auto Transport Services We Offer?

Open Carrier Car Shipping

Open Trailer Transport

97% of all US vehicles are shipped with Open trailers. This is the most common, convenient, and affordable method of shipping a car in the United States.

auto transport company

Enclosed Trailer Transport

These trailers provide additional security for the cars during transportation. It is recommended for luxury, exotic, sport, and classic vehicles.

door-to-door auto transport

Door To Door Transport

A professional driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to your front door as safely and legally possible.

Who We Serve?

Where We Ship?

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