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Why You Need the Best Classic Car Transport

If you own a classic or exotic vehicle, you know the time and money that’s been invested in your vehicle. Whether you purchase these vehicles as investments or because they bring back great memories of yesteryear, the time may come when you need your vehicles transported from one state to another. Whether you are moving to start a new job or perhaps have entered your vehicles in an auto show, you’ll need top-rated classic car shipping in the U.S., which is why you should trust your vehicles to Unlimited Auto Trans.

When it comes to classic car transport services, no company does it better and offers more than Unlimited Auto Trans. With our trained and experienced Customer Support agents always at the ready to assist you with receiving a no-obligation quote, booking pickup and delivery of your vehicle, providing status updates about your vehicle during its trip, and answering questions about what type of trailer would work best for your vehicle, Unlimited Auto Trans has gained a nationwide reputation for excellence that is unmatched. Once you call us at 888-435-9766 or visit us online at, you’ll discover just what makes us so special to customers year after year. Rather than try to transport your vehicle on your own or attempt to hire a company that knows little about classic auto transport, put your trust in the car shipping experts at Unlimited Auto Trans.

Why You Might Turn to Classic Car Transport Services

Safe Shipping

At Unlimited Auto Trans, our team takes pride in going the extra mile to provide honest and dependable nationwide shipping on all types of classic, luxury, and other types of vehicles.

Open and Enclosed Options

When shipping your prized automobile, we know you want to make sure it arrives at its destination in excellent condition. Therefore, when relying on us here at Unlimited Auto Trans, your car can avoid exposure to the elements by being shipped in an enclosed trailer.

Cross-Country Compliance

With our many years of experience and excellent compliance department, we can easily search our vast network of exotic car transport companies to make sure the trucking company assigned to your vehicle will use the utmost professionalism in transporting your car.

Driver Transparency

While your classic or exotic car is being transported, it’s only natural to worry a bit about how things are going. Here at Unlimited Auto Trans, we make it easy for you to get status updates along the way. If you like, you can call Customer Support at 888-435-9766. But if you prefer, we can provide you contact information for your car’s transport driver, meaning you can call your driver directly whenever you wish.

Why Use UAT's Antique Auto Transport & Exotic Car Transport

Years of Experience

With our many years of experience in the exotic car transport business, we at Unlimited Auto Trans have an excellent track record of safety and reliability. By working only with top-rated trucking companies nationwide, you can be sure we will use our experience to ensure your car arrives at its destination looking better than ever.

Dedicated Transport Team

When you are preparing to have your beautiful car transported across a long distance, you’ll want the best possible team in charge of the process. Once you partner with Unlimited Auto Trans, you’ll get the all-stars of exotic car shipping on your team. Knowledgeable, friendly, and customer-focused, our Customer Support agents are here to help. At 888-435-9766, we’re only one phone call away at any time.

Simple Booking Process

Once you are ready to schedule your car’s pickup and delivery, we make the booking process extremely simple. If you like, you can do so online at by filling out a short form. Or if you prefer, you can call us at 888-435-9766 and complete the process with an agent assigned to your vehicle. Whatever your preference, you’ll be done in a matter of minutes.

Fully Bonded and Insured

With our excellent reputation within the exotic auto transport industry, you can trust us here at Unlimited Auto Trans. Since we are licensed, bonded, and insured, you can be sure you’ll be working with trained professionals who are knowledgeable, experienced, and known across the nation for dependability, safety, and reliability.

Enclosed Classic Car Shipping is a Crowd Favorite

Since we are involved in antique car transport, we often have customers asking that enclosed trailers be used for their vehicles. This is an excellent choice for classic car transport for a variety of reasons, such as it minimizes the risk of your vehicle being damaged during the trip. In addition, it protects the car from the elements, making sure it looks great upon arrival.

Why Choose UAT for Your Classic Auto Transport

When in need of classic car transport, Unlimited Auto Trans should always be your first and only choice. Combining our free no-obligation quote and simple booking process with our experienced and knowledgeable Customer Support agents as well as our vast network of top-rated trucking companies, there is simply no better option than our professionals here at Unlimited Auto Trans. Having helped transport thousands of vehicles of all types across the nation, we can make the process of exotic car transport much safer, easier, and far more affordable than you ever imagined.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Exotic Car Transport Cost?

Whether it is an exotic, classic, luxury, or other vehicle, we strive to ensure each of our customers receives a quote that is comparable to fair market value. Since each individual customer’s needs may vary, costs can differ depending on a number of factors. These can include such things as transport distance between destinations, whether an open or enclosed trailer is used for transport, and other special requests. Yet no matter what is needed, you can be sure the initial free no-obligation quote you receive will include all charges for the antique or luxury car transport, meaning there will be no hidden fees required upon delivery.

Is Enclosed Shipping the Best Option for My Vehicle?

Ultimately, this is a question only you can answer. Yet when you contact us here at Unlimited Auto Trans, we will work with you to find out if an enclosed trailer is indeed best for your vehicle. For example, our Customer Support agents will inquire as to whether your car is an investment, if you are concerned about bad weather, dust and dirt, or various debris that could damage your car, whether or not your car has a unique paint job, and whether or not you desire extra protection from the possibility of theft. Once you answer these questions, we can offer advice on this matter.

Are UAT's Shipments Insured?

With classic car and exotic car shipping transactions, you can rest assured knowing all automotive shipments and carriers are fully insured, licensed, and bonded across the country by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.