Car shipping reviews

How to read car shipping reviews?

Read car shipping reviews on Google and Better Business Bureau, NOT on the company’s website.

The marketing team will not publish anything less than a 5-star auto transport review on the company’s website. For this reason, you should read the reviews on their Google and BBB profiles.

  • Start with a few 5-star reviews. Every auto transport company has them. If they sound similar or generic, they might not be real. Believe it or not, companies are selling 5-star reviews on Google.
    Therefore, look for personal stories. Real customers leave positive reviews when they are happy with the service and describe the situation in more detail. In addition, look for information about the route, vehicle, what impressed them the most, and how the service solved their problem.
  • Next, read a few 3-star reviews. Three-star reviews are usually very honest. In most cases, the vehicle arrived at its destination, but with a few hiccups.
    Take note if similar problems like increased rate, bad communication, rude truck driver, late for pickup or delivery, dirty vehicle, etc. are mentioned numerous times.
  • Do not skip 1-star reviews as they are the real source of information. Car shipping is a complicated process, and many things can go wrong. Damage and increased rates (bait and switch) are two of the most important reasons for a negative review.
    If you notice a review mentioning damage, please read the company answer and look for words like claims department, claims officer, and claims specialists. Professional companies have employees specializing in such situations and will assist customers in case of a damaged vehicle during transportation.

Moreover, if you notice a lot of reviews mentioning last-minute shipping rate increases – stay away. This is a very common practice in the auto transport industry. 

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