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Ship your vehicle from Chicago to anywhere in USA with a reputable and professional auto transportation company.

When you’re moving something as valuable as your car, you want to know it’s in the right hands. 

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We are Chicago Based Car Shipping Company

At Unlimited Auto Trans, we seek and guarantee fully insured, trustworthy and reliable auto shippers who will handle your vehicle transportation with care and professionalism. 

Our trucking partners come from top-rated companies, ensuring the safe and timely car transport you deserve. Though a carrier’s estimate can extremely vary from the final price you pay, our no-obligation quotes are guaranteed, so there won’t be any unwanted surprises.

 Looking to ship a vehicle from / to Chicago?

Here’s an inside of the auto transportation market in the city of Chicago.

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    Car shipping from / to Chicago. What you need to know?

        Shipping an auto to or from the windy city doesn’t have to be a confusing and worrisome task. If you know how the automotive shipping industry works and whom to choose, it is easy to place your bets on the best shipper for the job. 

        It can seem like all automotive transport services offer the same guarantees but only different prices. This is a mistake that many consumers fall for when they are looking for automotive transport quotes. Let’s consider how to weigh your options and select the best shipper.

        Although word-of-mouth advertising is valuable when you are looking for deals and quality services, you may not have any friends who ship cars regularly. Looking for online reviews can be helpful but doesn’t tell the whole story. We believe that looking for the most experienced shippers in a particular region is the key advantage.

        If you have a passenger vehicle, SUV,  luxury sedan or classic car worth thousands of dollars, we guarantee your car will be our top priority from the time it leaves Illinois until you take possession of it at your desired destination. Shipping a car from / to Chicago takes a lot of work, despite the fact that Chicago area is a popular transportation hub. 

        First, you need to decide if you would like to have you vehicle transported with Open Trailer or Enclosed Trailer.  You can refer to the chart below and find out how popular Chicago is for the auto transportation industry, and average pickup time for each service. Keep in mind that Door To Door car shipping is included when working with us, however the city of Chicago is not easily accessible by most of the big car haulers due to strict rules and restrictions. Our car shipping experts will advise you on the best option to have your vehicle picked up and delivered in Chicago.

    Carrier Availability

    5 / 5

    Chicago is a very popular destination for auto transportation industry with lots of trucks picking up and delivering every day.

    Average Pickup Time

    1 - 3 days

    Open Trailer

    90% of the vehicles are getting picked up 1 – 3 days after First Available Date.

    Average Pickup Time

    1 - 4 days

    Enclosed Trailer

    95% of the vehicles are getting picked up 1 – 4 days after First Available Date.

        Once you have your order set up in our system we will assign a shipping expert to ensure a smooth pickup and delivery process. Moreover, you will be provided with the truck driver’s phone number, who is transporting you vehicle. According to a survey, good communication between customer, broker and driver is the most important element of the car shipping process.  Our 11+ years of experience in the auto transportation industry helped us develop professional relationships with some of the most reliable carrier companies in Illinois by treating them with respect.

        Another important element is the price of shipping a car from / to Chicago.  The cost of shipping your car or truck  is determined by a wide variety of factors such as: the type and size of the vehicle you want to transport, the pickup and delivery locations, and the overall distance covered by the shipment. Often these will fluctuate with the markets impacting nationwide auto transport.  Weather conditions are another important factor affecting transit times and car shipping costs in Chicago. 

    To Ship Your Car

    From / To Chicago

    Chicago Car Shipping Companies Near Me

        Looking for a Chicago car transport company that ships near you?  Unlimited Auto Transport helps vehicles get shipped nationwide, and very frequently to/from Chicago. Headquartered in Illinois, there’s no car transporter that provides quality Chicago car shipping services better. When you know where to shop for car shippers, you have one foot in the door. The best places to shop are with shippers who regularly schedule routes to and from Chicago. They will be able to offer the highest quality of service without learning curves. They know Chicago like the back of their hands and what hours to drive into the city sections when delivery or pickup may be practical. Allow us to walk you through competitive pricing, what to expect, and the safety of your vehicle.

    Auto Transport Safety Measures in Chicago

        We prioritize the safety of your car and in doing so, make sure that periodic inspection with our carriers is mandatory. Each transport must be ready for quality deliveries, keeping the car in place and providing ample protection from outside factors.

        Many carriers are considered open carriers and rely on beams to protect vehicles from objects in the air. For maximum protection, you can upgrade your service to an enclosed carrier, which keeps your car completely protected from outside elements. 

        As a bonded, licensed, and insured brokerage with the U.S. Department of Transportation, damages to your car are covered and you are entitled to compensation from the company.  In the event something damages your car, you are entitled to compensation from the company. Once the vehicle is dropped off, make sure to check it before signing papers to ensure your automobile is in proper condition. Remember that our customer service and quality deliveries are our highest priority and your vehicle is covered.

    Most Popular Auto Transportation Routes from Chicago

    Shipping Luxury & Classic Cars

      Unlimited Auto Trans has provided years of white-glove, superior shipping for our luxury and classic cars from Chicago. Each detail can be handled with the utmost care when using our enclosed carrier options for the safest short/long distance transport of your irreplaceable vehicles.

    Long Distance Transport to/from Chicago

      Our shipping service uses Chicago car shippers who have experience with Gotham City and all the quirks that come with driving here. People who don’t understand how the roads are laid out here and the simplicity of navigating them will find themselves lost without a paddle in no time.

       Chicago shippers have a feel for the road, know where traffic gets congested, and know what areas and roads that a large transporter simply won’t fit. Knowing their limitations and strengths is half the battle of ensuring an ideal service.

    Affordable Car Shipping Options in Chicago

       When you see our track record for success and customer satisfaction, you know that you are getting the best value for your money when you choose our Chicago car shipping service. Our pricing is competitive and affordable even if we don’t push ourselves to meet the rock-bottom range.

        You know that there is a wide range of quality in automotive transport. Vehicles can vibrate during shipping, fall off the transporter, get scratched or dented, or disappear altogether. When you book your service with our company, you can bank on punctual delivery times and flawless transport of your vehicle.

    How to Request a Price Estimate

        Because we work in the Chicago area frequently, we have an impeccable record of customer satisfaction. 

        Give us a call today to learn more about all the automotive transportation services that we can offer you or fill out the online quote form for an instant quote to or from the Chicago area.

    To Get Started Shipping

    If you would prefer to speak to one of our experienced Transport Specialists, feel free to give us a call at (888) 435-9766 (Toll Free)

    Ship Your Vehicle with Unlimited Auto Transportation

    Quick Guide to Chicago Car Shipping

    Every kind! The list includes passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and even luxury cars. We transport a lot of cars to/from Illinois. That being said, we operate nationwide. 

    Not always. When dropping off or receiving your vehicle to/from Illinois, you can allow an “agent” (e.g. a friend or family member) to meet up with our driver at the appointed time and place. This is so we can inspect your vehicle before leaving—and ensure after arrival that nothing was damaged in transit.

    Absolutely! You can call your driver directly, or contact our customer support.

    Let us know as soon as possible for both pick-up and delivery. This allows us to plan for all of the details, and assure you have the most streamlined, efficient car transport experience.

    This is extremely rare. If anything does happen, we always conduct a comprehensive vehicle inspection before and after the transport, so you can make a claim with us. If the incident happened during transit, you are covered.

    No! After you accept our no-obligation quote, you’ll owe nothing until a Carrier has been assigned to your load.

    At Unlimited Auto Trans, we provide safe and on time car transport at competitive prices. Ship your car stress free knowing we’re licensed, bonded, and insured.
    From passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and even luxury cars, we can ship nationwide.

    Use our calculator for a free instant quote today.
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