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SHIP YOUR CAR FROM New Jersey To California

If you are moving to a large city such as Los Angeles or San Francisco or perhaps a smaller city or town within California, you’ll have plenty to look forward to as you plan your move from New Jersey. While it will be exciting picking out a new home and discovering the many new attractions near you, it will also be important to make sure you arrange to have your car transported from New Jersey to California by a company you can trust. Whether you own a classic vehicle, luxury car, or passenger vehicle, rely on us here at Unlimited Auto Trans.

Car Transport Companies Near You

To make your car’s trip from New Jersey to California safe and punctual, we work only with the best trucking companies in the nation. In fact, once you book your car’s delivery either online or by phone, we will go to work matching you with a trucking company in your local area. Once we have done so, we will not only send you an automatic update with your car’s estimated pickup and delivery dates, but also arrange to have the driver assigned to your car contact you to arrange a date, time, and location to meet you and pick up your vehicle.

Auto Transport Safety Measures

When you place your trust with us here at Unlimited Auto Trans, you will be working with the top-rated auto transport service in the United States. A licensed, insured, and bonded business, we have earned the trust of thousands of customers nationwide, and can be counted on to deliver your car when and where you expect it, always in excellent condition. By calling our Customer Support agents at 888-435-9766 or visiting our website, you can get started by receiving a free no-obligation quote that will always be the one and only price paid for your car’s transport.

Long Distance Transport from New Jersey to California

To make sure all goes well both at pickup and upon delivery of your vehicle, we require your driver to allow you to accompany them as they inspect your vehicle prior to loading and once it is offloaded. By doing so, both of you can confirm the condition of your vehicle, which can give you peace of mind and prevent any misunderstandings later on. Along with this, you will always be able to obtain status updates while your vehicle is on its way from New Jersey to California. Whether you call 888-435-9766 or contact your driver directly, the most up-to-date information is only a phone call away. 

How to Request a Price Estimate

While you are busy selecting a new home in California, making arrangements to get settled into a new job, and coordinating with a moving company to get your possessions to California, let us handle your car’s transport. Rather than wait until the last-minute, take care of your car’s trip now. If you are ready to receive your free no-obligation price estimate and learn more about the many services we provide our customers, call Unlimited Auto Trans at 888-435-9766 or visit