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At Unlimited Auto Trans, we provide safe and on time car transport at competitive prices. Ship your car stress free knowing we’re licensed, bonded, and insured.
From passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and even luxury cars, we can ship nationwide.

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SHIP YOUR CAR FROM new york to miami

Life in New York is exciting and fast-paced, and you’ll find a similar atmosphere in many parts of Miami. The difference, however, is that Miami has way more sunshine for you to enjoy. Between the heavy Latin American influence and the relief from personal state income taxes, we know that you’ll be entirely happy with your decision to move from New York to Miami.

Car Transport Companies Near You

Like any trip across the country, sending your car from New York to Miami comes with its share of challenges. Getting out of New York traffic can be a hassle in and of itself, but you can let us take care of that. At Unlimited Auto Transport, we use our team of qualified vehicle transportation specialists to send cars out of New York all of the time. Our professional carriers are focused on keeping your vehicle safe, and we’re happy to say that we’ve mastered the route from New York to Miami.

Auto Transport Safety Measures

We know that leaving your car with a bunch of strangers can be a scary thought, but we take every measure under the sun to earn your trust. Our numerous safety precautions include a comprehensive battery of mandatory safety tests that all of our partners need to complete, reinforced beams to guard your car against airborne hazards, and superior upgrade options if you desire even more protection. It’s also worth mentioning that our operations are licensed by the United States Department of Transportation, and we are fully bonded and insured. To sum it up, your car is in great hands.

white-glove, superior shipping for our luxury and classic cars

We know that shipping a luxury vehicle from New York to Miami requires an extra degree of personal attention. That’s why our White-Glove Service Team goes the extra mile to make sure everything goes through without a hitch. When you send your luxury vehicle with our White-Glove Service Team, our dedicated staff gives you. Personalized communication, a specialized luxury carrier with full enclosure  and priority service

AFFORDABLE Car Shipping new york to miami

We work seamlessly with budgets of all sizes, and we always smile when our clients thank us for providing a fair price.

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How to RECEIVE a Price Estimate

We know that getting your car from New York to Miami can seem complicated, so we’re happy to review the details of your project before we start. A member of our specialized staff will walk you through everything as soon as you pick up the phone, and we promise to leave none of your questions unanswered. Just follow these three steps to receive your free quote. Write down your vehicle’s make, model, and year on a handy piece of paper. If you have some specific dates in mind for your project, then write those down too. 

Call the phone number listed on our website, or take a short moment to send us your information through the “Contact Us” form below. Take a deep breath and relax while we handle everything else.

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