Car Shipping California To Florida


Car Shipping California To Florida

We are known for safe, secure and reliable car shipping services.

When you’re moving something as valuable as your car, you want to know it’s in the right hands. 

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Car Shipping California to Florida

At Unlimited Auto Trans, we seek and guarantee fully insured, trustworthy and reliable auto shippers who will handle your vehicle transportation with care and professionalism. 

Our trucking partners come from top-rated companies, ensuring the safe and timely car transport you deserve. Though a carrier’s estimate can extremely vary from the final price you pay, our no-obligation quotes are guaranteed, so there won’t be any unwanted surprises.

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Carrier Availability

5 / 5

California To Florida is a very popular route for auto transportation industry with lots of trucks picking up and delivering every day.

Average Pickup Time

1 - 3 days

97% of the vehicles are getting picked up 1 – 3 days after First Available Date.

Average Pickup Time

1 - 4 days

94% of the vehicles are getting picked up 1 – 4 days after First Available Date.

Average Cost of Transportation

Average Cost of Transportation

Car Shipping California To Florida

  When you need to transport your car from the Golden State to the Sunshine State, you are wondering how your car will make this 3,000 mile trip. Since you will be going ahead to Florida, this means you will need to rely on the services of an auto transport company. To make sure you get all details beforehand and put your car in the care of experienced professionals, always rely on the experts here at Unlimited Auto Trans.

  Car shipping comes in all shapes and sizes. People ship everything from everyday cars to priceless classics. When you need a car shipping California to Florida or vice versa, you really need to be careful who you trust. It is a large route that puts a lot of money on the table. 

   The hardest part of shipping a vehicle is knowing where to turn for reputable results. There is so much competition in the shipping department that consumers can find themselves delayed by making the selection, itself, by days or weeks.

  Unlimited Auto Trans provides quality car shipping California to Florida, along with cities nationwide.

California Car Shipping Companies Near Me

When you are looking for an auto transport company near you, turn to us here at Unlimited Auto Trans. Bonded, licensed, and insured, you can be sure your vehicle will be carefully transported each and every step of the way between California and Florida. Since safety and customer service are our top priorities, we partner only with the best and most experienced carriers in the industry. Whether you need an open trailer for your vehicle or would prefer an enclosed trailer, we can work with you to meet your needs.

Long Distance Car Auto Transport

     Our shippers provide long distance car shipping, as well as to nearby cities. Whether your shipping a car from California to Florida, or any other city in the U.S., we strive to maintain a supreme level of customer satisfaction. For years, Unlimited Auto Trans has provided both short and long distance car shipping across the nation.

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      Once completed and you give the go-ahead for transport, your driver will have you sign the bill of lading and then load your vehicle for its journey to Florida. Upon arrival, you simply inspect your vehicle after unloading, pay any remaining balance to the driver, and the journey is complete. Since you’ll already have plenty on your mind when moving from California to Florida, make sure transporting your vehicle is a stress-free experience.

    What Car Shipping Services We Offer from California to Florida

    Open Carrier Car Shipping

    Open Trailer Auto Transportion

    97% of all US vehicles are shipped with Open trailers. This is the most common, convenient and affordable method of shipping a car in United States.

    auto transport company

    Enclosed Trailer AutoTransportation

    These trailers provide additional security for the cars during transportation. It is recommended for luxury, exotic, sport and classic vehicles.

    door-to-door auto transport

    Door To Door Transport

    Professional driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to your front door as safely and legally possible.


    Luxury Vehicle Transportation

    This is our Specialty! Your sport or luxury car is in safe hands. See what we transported for the last 11+ years.

    What We Ship?

    car shipping services


    Planning a car shipping takes time, but it shouldn’t be a stressful experience. The process from point A to point B is easy when you use professional services. Unlimited Auto Transport offers the most convenient and stress-free ways to transport your car in the United States.

    Open trailer auto transportation of new cars


    Make sure you’re working with the best auto transport company when it comes to shipping SUV or VAN. A competent company will provide you necessary info and guidance to help you with an easy and safe delivery.


    When you need to ship a motorcycle, you need an experienced motorcycle transport company that you can rely on. We have developed a great relationship with over 2,000 certified nationwide motorcycle movers.

    Luxury Vehicle Transportation


    Sports cars are our passion! That's why we specialize in safely delivering vehicles like Ferraris, Porsches, Lotuses and Lamborghinis and etc. Sports cars require special care while they are being transported and we give you the options you need.


    Who doesn't want to own one of these? The hallmarks of vehicles are of the classical, vintage, or exotic variant. They have some of the most iconic looks in vehicle history and are heavily sought after.

    Luxury Vehicle Transportation


    Luxury Car Shipping takes the utmost care. Whether you are sending it to a car show or just moving it to its new home we have the perfect service to fit your needs. Shipped safely with in an enclosed trailer, strapped down by tires only the car is securely whisked away to be delivered to your desired location at your desired time.

    Shipping Luxury & Classic Cars

      No matter what type of vehicle you own, we can help transport it safely from California to Florida. Whether you own a standard passenger vehicle or perhaps have a luxury vehicle or even a one-of-a-kind classic car, we can match you with a carrier that understands the process and will do everything possible to ensure your vehicle will arrive in Florida in pristine condition. Should you have questions about the transport process or have unique needs for your vehicle, simply call one of our experienced and knowledgeable car shipping experts.

    Who We Serve?

    Routes, States & Cities for 2021 car shipping industy

    Unlimited Auto Trans is committed to providing our customers with the highest caliber of customer service at the best possible price in all destinations for car shipping in the USA.

    Affordable Car Shipping Options

      When your car arrives at your Sunshine State home, there is very little left for you to do. All that’s needed is for you to verify your car is in excellent condition and then pay any remaining balance to your driver. To get your no-obligation quote and book pickup of your vehicle fill out the easy online form or give us a call.

    How to request a car shipping quote

        By filling out a form online at or calling us the first quote will be the final price you pay. In addition, we work only with the most reliable trucking companies in the nation, ensuring your car will be handled by professionals each step of the way.

    Auto Transport Safety Measures

      Once you have spoken with your carrier’s driver and arranged a date, time, and location for pickup of your vehicle, you can be sure your driver will arrive on time and ready to transport your vehicle from California to Florida. Upon arrival, your driver will confirm all necessary information with you, then allow you to follow them on a detailed inspection of your vehicle prior to loading. 

    To Get Started Shipping

    If you would prefer to speak to one of our experienced Transport Specialists, feel free to give us a call at (888) 278-9855 (Toll Free)

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