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If you are moving from Texas to Florida, one of your biggest concerns will be how to get your car to your new Florida home. While you could drive it there yourself or have someone else do so, this creates the risk of getting lost along the way, being involved in an accident, or sustaining damage from bad weather. Rather than take these chances, it is better to have your car professionally transported to the Sunshine State, which is why you should trust Unlimited Auto Trans.

Car Transport Companies Near You

Since we work with trucking companies across the United States, it will take us no time at all to match you with a carrier in your local area that is well-known for reliability and safety when transporting vehicles. Once your match is confirmed, we will again send you an update, as well as notice that you will be contacted shortly by your carrier’s driver to discuss your trip route and to schedule a date, time, and location for pickup. By putting customer service first, we at Unlimited Auto Trans have many satisfied customers.

Shipping Luxury & Classic Cars

Whether your car is a standard passenger vehicle, luxury vehicle, or even a classic car that turns heads, it will be no problem to get it transported from Texas to Florida. Known for our experience and knowledge, we make booking your vehicle’s pickup and delivery easy by allowing you to do so online or by phone. Once done, we will send you an automatic update confirming your car’s pickup and delivery dates, as well as any other special needs you have chosen, such as using an enclosed trailer for transport rather than an open trailer.

Auto Transport Safety Measures

Prior to your car being loaded for transport to Florida, your driver will ask you to follow them as they conduct a visual inspection of your vehicle to note its condition. After this, you will sign a bill of lading to verify everything is correct. Once your vehicle arrives in Florida, another inspection will be conducted, and you will then be asked to pay whatever remaining balance is on your bill. Whether you need a status update while your car is being transported or simply have a question you need answered, Unlimited Auto Trans is with you each step of the way. To get your price estimate, visit or call our Customer Support agents at 888-435-9766.

How to Request a Price Estimate

Once you decide to have your car transported from Texas to Florida, you’ll need to know how much it will cost. At Unlimited Auto Trans, we make this easy. Whether you call us at 888-435-9766 or visit our website, you’ll answer a few questions and receive a quick and accurate price estimate. Unlike many companies that charge hidden fees upon delivery, we never do. Instead, you can be sure the price estimate you initially receive will be the full price of transporting your car from Texas to Florida.