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Cross Country Car Shipping. How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car Across The Country In 2024?

What is cross country auto transport?

A cross-country car shipping service is a safe way to get your vehicle from one location in the United States to another. This is usually done by having your vehicle loaded on an open or enclosed car hauler.

Even though an open carrier is less expensive, it involves putting your vehicle alongside [up to] eight other cars and exposing it to the elements.

If you have a classic car or a luxury vehicle, opt for an enclosed carrier.

Is it cheaper to drive or ship cars across the country?

It really depends on where your vehicle is now, how much you value peace of mind, and whether any problems arise during shipping.

Driving from New York City to Boston would be less expensive than cross-country car shipping because these two cities are relatively close.

However, if you live in Chicago and want to move a classic Porsche sports coupe from Key West Florida – cross country auto transport may be more cost-effective and safer. Also, keep in mind the hidden costs associated with driving like tolls, wear and tear.

Those costs can add up quickly depending on where you are headed. 

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    Benefits of Cross Country Car Shipping

    There are many benefits to using a cross-country auto transport service as opposed to personally driving or flying with your vehicle:

    • It saves you valuable time
    • It’s convenient and hassle-free.
    • Less wear and tear on your car.
    • Door-to-door delivery is available for most locations.
    • Opportunity to ship multiple vehicles if needed.

    Throughout my career, I have come to the conclusion that with a reliable auto transport company, all of the work and worry is done for you! When you use Unlimited Auto Transport to transport your car across the country, the process becomes straightforward and cost-effective.

    Our car shipping quote calculator will provide you with affordable shipping rates within seconds, whether you need to ship your vehicle from Massachusetts to California or Florida to Illinois.

    How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Across the Country?

    Car transport costs will vary based on the distance, your vehicle’s make and model, where you are moving to or from, and how fast it needs to get there.

    The mileage between the origin and destination is the biggest factor that contributes to your total rate. Shorter distances (300 miles) will cost around $1.99/mile, medium distances (500 – 1500 miles) will run you about $.97/mile, and longer trips (over 1500 miles) are generally about $.61/mile. Check out the chart to learn more about the average cost of shipping a car cross country.

    The Average Cost To Ship A Car Across The Coutnry

    Distance Base Price Per mile Example Distance Example Price
    1000 - 2000 miles $0.65 1200 miles $780
    2000 - 2500 miles $0.57 2400 miles $1368
    2500+ miles $0.48 3600 miles $1728

    The numbers above might help give you a rough estimate of cross country car shipping costs, but the only way to know how much it will cost to ship your car is to request personalized estimates.

    How do I get a cross country car shipping quote?

    First and foremost, NEVER pay for a quote! A professional and customer-oriented company will have a shipping quote calculator. This calculator will provide you with an instant quote with no obligations and is free.

    Auto transport quotes can be obtained directly from the company’s website or by simply calling. Getting an up-to-date estimate for transporting your car is important. To get the most accurate car transportation quote, you should have the following information on hand:

    1. Vehicle pick-up and delivery destination (zip codes are preferred for increased quoting accuracy)
    2. Car transport preference (open or enclosed trailer)
    3. Vehicle year, make, and model (ensures availability of required transport trailer size)
    4. Operational status (can be driven forward and in reverse, with basic steering for truck loading and unloading)
    5. Earliest available car pick-up date

    Most common cross country routes & rates for the car shipping industry.

    What to Consider When You Ship Your Car Across the Country

    While it has several advantages, there are a few things to consider when using auto transport services to ship your car.

    There are plenty of trucks in metropolitan areas to carry out car shipping orders from auto shippers, which lowers the auto transport price. If you live outside a major highway and want faster services for shipping a car, you can meet the carrier at an established pickup location for better cost estimates.

    Details About Your Vehicle

    1. The vehicle’s curb weight is an important factor in determining what you’ll pay for car shipping, mostly because truckers have weight limits for every axle on their trailer.
    2. The size of the vehicle is also a factor.
    3. The cost of the vehicle is another factor. Luxury, exotic, and sports cars are more expensive to transport because they require additional adjustments most of the time.
    4. Modifications on the vehicle will increase the car shipping cost.

    Open vs. Enclosed Transport

    You may have to decide between an open or enclosed trailer. With an open trailer, your vehicle will be loaded with other vehicles and exposed to weather, as well as road debris. 

    Enclosed trailers (both soft-sided and hard-sided) are fully enclosed, giving greater protection from the weather, filth, dust, and road debris. An enclosed trailer is recommended or required based on your vehicle’s requirements regardless of distance.

    Timeline and Locations

    The distance between your drop-off and pick-up locations, and the sort of regions the car will travel through, will affect your quotation. Rural to rural, major city to a rural, or major city to a major city are just a few examples.

    Cross-country shipments may take a few days or more to complete, depending on road conditions, traffic, and weather. Another aspect that affects the timetable is the number of vehicles on the truck and where they’re going. For example, nine automobiles traveling to four cities equals many stops.


    When it comes to insurance coverage, read the small print. While in transit, the vehicle may be involved in an accident—which is unusual, but it does happen.

    Check out our comprehensive article: Car Shipping Insurance – Complete Guide 2024

    What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Across the Country?

    No upfront payment

    The cheapest way to ship your car is via an open car hauler. Also, choosing to ship your car between September and November is another way to save on costs.

    When looking into vehicle transportation, you should also be aware of potential discounts offered. For example, at Unlimited Auto Transport, we offer a military discount to show our gratitude to those who have served our country. We also offer a multiple vehicle discount if you need to ship more than one vehicle at once…

    If you want to find out more ways to save money on car shipping, you can read the following article in our blog: 9 Tips And Tricks To Save Big On Car Shipping in 2024

    Can you put stuff in the car when shipping cross country?

    The Department of Transportation does not allow any items shipped in a vehicle on an auto carrier. Drivers can be subject to random searches, and extra items can also put the carrier over their weight restrictions, resulting in expensive fines for the driver. 

    Unlimited Auto Trans and/or the assigned Carrier is not responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle. Also, items placed in the car are not insured.

    What’s The Best Way To Ship A Car Across The Country?

    The key to answering this question is the way you choose an auto transport company. There are hundreds of auto transport companies in the industry that will claim to provide high-quality service at an affordable price, but how can you find one that is right for your needs?

    Choosing a company with experience and expertise is essential when looking for a reputable car transporter. For example, if you’re moving from Illinois to California in a convertible, you want to ensure that the company is experienced in safely loading your vehicle onto a truck.

    The best way of choosing an auto transport company is by researching their reputation and making sure they have great reviews from previous customers who were happy with how well their car was treated when it arrived at its destination.

    Don’t forget to ask if there are any special requirements for how the car is transported?

    Some carriers have specific rules regarding how vehicles must be loaded. For example, some companies will not transport a vehicle on its side due to safety concerns, while others may require that the wheels be removed before loading onto their carrier to save space.

    If you need assistance with properly preparing your vehicle for transport, contact an agent at Unlimited Auto Trans today. We can provide comprehensive assistance with loading and securing the car onto the carrier to ensure safe transportation.

    What are common misconceptions about cross country car shipping?

    Many misunderstandings surround how auto shippers operate when moving a vehicle across the country. Here are three of the most common misconceptions about how cross country car shipping works:

    1. Car Shipping is Expensive
      Car transport can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! There are hundreds of companies out there who will provide cheap auto transport services, but you need to understand how price is determined to get a great deal. Read more about car shipping cost here: How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car in 2024? Car Shipping Cost Explained

    2. Car Shipping is Time-Consuming
      Auto transport companies will provide how long it will take to deliver your vehicle once they receive the shipment, but how can you know if that estimate is accurate? The main thing to consider when finding how cross country car shipping takes is understanding where both locations are situated in regards to each other. For example, how long would it take to drive from Boston to Los Angeles with a car, then add a few more days, because truckers need to take mandatory breaks.

    3. Car Shipping is Unsafe
      Car shippers are in business because they understand how important safety and security are when transporting a vehicle. No matter how far your car needs to be transported by road, you can rest assured that the carrier will handle their job with care and responsibility throughout the entire process.

    Is it better to drive or ship your car across the country? Our advice:

    Whether you’re shipping a car 500 miles or 2500 miles, auto transportation services can help make the process easier. Auto transport companies offer different service levels for car shipping, and pricing will depend on many factors such as size and vehicle condition, vehicle make and model, pickup date preference, payment method, and more. 

    Shipping a car is not cheap, but it isn’t that expensive if you know how to get the best deal. Our team at Unlimited Auto Trans has been providing auto transport services since 2010. We have helped thousands of customers ship their cars safely with no damage from one location to another – all while saving money!

    Give us a call if you need assistance determining which option is right for you or want advice about what type of transportation would be best suited for your vehicle.

    how much does it cost to ship a car

    Use Unlimited Auto Trans car shipping cost calculator

    You can also calculate the cost of having your car shipped directly from the Unlimited Auto Transport website.

    Right on the home page, you’ll see the words “Get An Instant Quote”.  First step is to type your pick-up and drop-off location. Also, choose your preferred type of transportation (open or enclosed), then click “Next”.

    In the second step, put in your vehicle’s make and model, and select if your vehicle is in running or non-running condition.

    The final step is to select your First Available Shipping Date and provide your email or phone number.

    We give you two estimates: Regular Price and Cash Discounted Rate.  From this page, you can select an option and book your shipment.

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