Types of vehicles: enclosed trailer car shipping

What Types of Vehicles Shipped in Enclosed Trailers?

Main Key Points:

  • Open trailer car shipping uses an open-air carrier, exposing your car to weather, accidents, and road dirt.
  • Enclosed trailer car shipping places your car in a covered trailer, shielding it from outside factors.
  • Even Although enclosed shipping offers many advantages, it’s pricier and less common than open car shipping. Therefore, the most common types of vehicles shipped in an enclosed trailer are:

Open vs. Enclosed Trailer Car Shipping

In the vast world of auto transport, choosing the right transportation method for your vehicle can be overwhelming.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why people commonly ship luxury vehicles in enclosed trailers.

We will also highlighting their unique characteristics and the importance of safeguarding them during transit.

Here, we are going to be focusing on enclosed car shipping. If you want to read more about open car shipping, click here.

What is Enclosed Shipping?

Enclosed shipping, or “enclosed auto transport,” is the process of transporting a vehicle inside an enclosed carrier or trailer.

Enclosed car shipping is suitable for any type of vehicle.

However, usually owners prefer this method for luxury, sports, antique, or custom vehicles that need extra protection during transit.

Key features of enclosed shipping:

  • Protection: Enclosed shipping protects from external elements like weather, dirt, and road debris, making it the safest transportation method.
  • Uniqueness: Enclosed car carriers often transport fewer cars at a time, offering a more personalized service.
  • Higher Cost: Given the added protection and service, enclosed car transport tends to be more expensive than open auto transport.

Car Shipping Costs of an Enclosed Transport

When determining the best way to ship a car, one of the key considerations is cost.

Enclosed car transport cost tends to be higher because of the added protection and limited space inside the trailer.

If you own a luxury or vintage car, you should consider the additional cost. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve shielded your vehicle from potential harm.

Make sure to read our article “How the Value of Your Car Impacts Car Shipping Cost for more highlight regarding car shipping cost and insurance coverage.

Factors Influencing Costs:

Several factors can influence car shipping costs, regardless of the transportation method chosen:

  1. Distance: Longer distances generally result in higher costs.
  2. Vehicle Size & Weight: Larger and heavier vehicles might cost more to ship.
  3. Location: Remote locations may require additional fees.
  4. Seasonality: Peak seasons can see a surge in demand and possibly higher prices.

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Transporting a McLaren Senna Xp

Types of Vehicles Shipped Enclosed

LUXURY VEHICLES: Protection and High Value

Luxury vehicles usually have top-notch craftsmanship, advanced technology, and unique features.

Enclosed shipping protects against potential damage from road debris, harsh weather conditions, and other external factors.

Securing luxury vehicles in an enclosed trailer protects them from curious eyes and potential threats.

This is how we ensure their untouched condition upon arrival at their destination.

Find out how we pleased Mr. Jackson by shipping a new 2021 Mercedes G-Wagon from NY to LA.

SPORTS CARS: High Value, Protection, and Low Ground Clearance

With their sleek designs and impressive performance capabilities, sports cars are prized possessions for automotive enthusiasts.

These high-value vehicles often have low ground clearance, which makes them susceptible to scraping or damage during transit.

We can securely load and unload sports cars using an enclosed trailer equipped with a liftgate.

This minimizes the risk of any mishaps or accidents.

Check out one of our recent stories on successfully shipping a 2014 Bugatti Veyron from LA to Chicago.

MOTORCYCLES: Protection and Ease of Securement

Motorcycles, whether they are powerful cruisers, agile sport bikes, or vintage classics, require special care during transportation.

Enclosed trailers offer the advantage of comprehensive protection against road hazards, adverse weather conditions, and potential theft.

Additionally, the enclosed environment simplifies the process of securing motorcycles securely, minimizing the risk of shifting or damage during transit.

CLASSIC CARS: Protection of Rarity and High Value

Classic cars possess an unmistakable allure with their timeless designs and historical significance.

These automotive treasures often have unique paint finishes and rare parts that are challenging to replace.

When transporting classic cars, enclosed shipping protects them from potential damage caused by exposure to the elements or unforeseen accidents.

Preserving their originality and value is of utmost importance, making enclosed trailers the preferred choice for transporting these cherished classics.

PROTOTYPES: Concealing Innovation and Secrecy

Prototypes play a pivotal role in the automotive industry, representing the cutting edge of design, technology, and innovation.

When taking a prototype from the factory to a test site, keeping it secret and not showing it early is key.

Enclosed trailers provide a secure environment. They shield prototypes and keep their special features secret until they’re ready to show everyone.

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5 Benefits of Shipping Vehicles Enclosed

Shipping vehicles using an enclosed transport carrier provides numerous advantages. The primary benefits include:

  1. Protection from External Elements: Enclosed shipping shields vehicles from harmful elements like harsh weather conditions, road debris, and dirt.
  2. Security and Confidentiality: For vehicles like prototypes, enclosed shipping maintains secrecy by preventing curious eyes from getting a premature glimpse.
  3. Specialized Handling: Enclosed car carriers often handle fewer cars simultaneously, ensuring more personalized and meticulous care during transportation.
  4. Ease of Securement: This is particularly beneficial for motorcycles, ensuring they don’t shift during transit and reducing the chance of any potential damage.
  5. Preservation of Value: Enclosed shipping safeguards the vehicle from potential damages that could depreciate its value.

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Our Take

Enclosed vehicle shipping caters to the unique requirements of luxury vehicles, sports cars, motorcycles, classic cars, and prototypes.

By putting protection, security, and preservation of value first, enclosed trailers offer a reliable solution for safely transporting these special vehicles.

Enclosed shipping ensures a smooth and secure journey. It’s protecting luxury vehicles from potential damage, helping sports cars that sit low, or preserving the rarity of classic cars.

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