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Transporting Mercedes G-Wagon

Effortless and Safe Luxury SUV Shipping

Owning a luxury SUV that needs to be transported safely and efficiently? Transporting a vehicle can be difficult and overwhelming. But the right company can make it a stress-free experience. Read on to discover how we successfully shipped a Mercedes G-Wagon in an enclosed trailer for a satisfied customer.

How Unlimited Auto Trans Safely Transported a New Mercedes G-Wagon from New York to Los Angeles

Our client, Mr. Jackson, had just purchased a brand new Mercedes G-Wagon from a dealership in New York. He had to move to Los Angeles because of a work transfer.

He was hesitant to drive his precious vehicle across the country. So he contacted us at Unlimited Auto Trans to ship a car from New York to Los Angeles.

The Customer's requirements and expectations

Mr. Jackson had specific requirements for the pick-up and delivery of his vehicle. Given the Mercedes G-Wagon’s value, he wanted extra measures to be taken.

The client requested that the vehicle be shipped in an enclosed trailer to ensure maximum protection during transportation. He also wanted us to accommodate his busy schedule and deliver within a specific time frame for his convenience.

The shipping challenges and how they were addressed

Shipping a big, heavy vehicle like the Mercedes G-Wagon in an enclosed trailer can be challenging. We needed to ensure that the vehicle was secured properly and did not move during transport while protecting it from any external damage.

We assigned a team of experienced drivers trained to handle and transport luxury vehicles. We used an enclosed truck with air-ride suspension to provide extra protection and ensure a smooth ride.

Additionally, we monitored the entire transportation process in real-time through our advanced GPS tracking system, ensuring the vehicle’s safety on the road.

Another challenge we faced was the delivery time. The client needed the vehicle to arrive on a specific date and time. We coordinated with the client and provided real-time updates during the shipping process. We also made sure that the vehicle arrived at its destination one day earlier than the expected delivery date.

Luxury SUV shipping i nan enclosed trailer

The shipping challenges and how they were addressed

Mr. Jackson was thrilled with our service and particularly appreciated our diligence and care during the transportation of his vehicle. We delivered the Mercedes G-Wagon ahead of schedule, allowing him to easily settle into his new location.

We received a 5-star rating and review from him. This further strengthened our reputation as a top car shipping company for luxury SUV’s in the nation.

In Conclusion:

At Unlimited Auto Trans, we understand the value of each vehicle we transport. That is why we ensure every safety measure is taken to make the transportation process enjoyable for our clients.

We have the expertise and experience to deliver any vehicle safely and securely. This includes luxury cars and classic antique vehicles.

Contact us today for a luxurious and stress-free shipping experience.

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