how to save money on car shipping

9 Tips And Tricks To Save Big On Car Shipping in 2024

How to save money on car shipping?

Car shipping can be very expensive and stressful. When you need to save money on car shipping, it is important to know the tricks and tips that save big!

In this blog post, we will cover nine ways to save money on a car shipment. These tips and tricks are easy and could save you hundreds of dollars when moving your vehicle across the country or state to state. 

Car shipping can be an expensive and stressful process. You can make car shipping cheaper by following these simple suggestions:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in running condition. That means the trucker can load your vehicle on its own power. A running vehicle is considered when it starts, breaks, and steers.  Average savings: $200


  • Choose open trailer transport. 97% of all vehicles shipped in the US are transported via open trailer carriers. Enclosed trailers are a preferred option for luxury, exotic, and sports cars. Average savings: $250


  • Do not put personal items in your vehicle. First of all, it is not safe because unsecured items can damage the interior of your vehicle. The carrier’s insurance will not cover these damages. Average savings: $150


  • Be flexible with pickup and delivery dates. Keep in mind that nobody can guarantee a delivery date. However, being stricter on your pickup date will increase the cost of car shipping. Most companies ask for 1 to 5 business days, starting from the First Available Shipping Date, assigning a trucker, and arranging the transportation. Average savings: $100


  • Book 2 weeks before your vehicle is first available to be picked up. It is a myth that you need to book your car shipment as early as possible—the rates on many routes depend on weather and road conditions. Therefore, booking three months in advance will not guarantee you the rate. Average savings: $25 – $200


  • Choose Discounted Cash Rate. “Cash is king” is 100% true in this industry. At the time of booking, companies will present you with two options. Usually, the first option is to pay the full amount with a credit/debit card. The second option is Cash On Delivery or Cash Discounted Rate. You can make a partial payment with a credit/debit card and the rest on delivery with cash, cashier’s check, or money order. Average savings: $50


  • Military members. Most companies offer a military discount.  Average savings: 10% discount


  • Multiple-vehicle shipping will save you money because all vehicles will go on the same truck. If you have multiple vehicles to ship, let us know to arrange it most cost-effectively for you. Average savings: $199


  • Always ask for hidden costs like insurance, fuel surcharges, and taxes. These additional expenses are often added during the checkout process without your knowledge or consent and could lead to an expensive bill at the time of delivery! By being aware in advance of these potential fees, you can save money by avoiding them altogether!
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