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How Long Does It Take To Pick Up My Vehicle?

Here’s a question we get asked a lot: how long does it take to pick up my vehicle?

And the answer is, it depends! Let’s first define what pick-up time means in car shipping. 

Pick-up time is the period between your car is first available for pick-up and the actual pick-up date. 

Here’s a breakdown of the different factors that can affect how long it takes to pick your car up from the shipper.

Pick-up Time in Car Shipping

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When scheduling a pick up of the vehicle, not only are we concerned with the distance between destinations but also which roads will be traveled to get there. 

The route chosen will give insight into what else could impact how long it takes to pick up the car for shipping.

Depending on the season and time of the year, some routes become very busy, and pick-up time may increase. 

For example: Between the months of November and January, a lot of people move their vehicles from Midwest to Florida. Car shipping rates are going up, carrier availability goes down, and it may take longer to have your vehicle picked up.

Pick up location:

There are plenty of trucks in metropolitan areas to carry out car transportation orders from auto shippers, which lowers the transportation price. If you live outside of a major highway and want faster pickup of your car, you can meet the carrier at an established pick-up location. 

Vehicle Details:

The vehicle’s make and model can also affect the pick-up time.

  1. The curb weight of the vehicle is an important factor in determining when your vehicle will be picked up. Mostly because truckers have weight limits for every axle on their trailer.
  2. The size of the vehicle is also a factor. 
  3. The cost of the vehicle is also a factor. Luxury, exotic, and sports cars are more expensive to transport because, most of the time, they require additional adjustments.
  4. Vehicle modifications will increase the pick up time as well.

Vehicle Condition:

If your vehicle can brake, steer, and roll on its own, it is considered running (operable). In that case, the pick-up time is not significantly affected. Vehicles that are inoperable and must be forklifted or winched onto the truck take more time to be picked up. 

Auto Transportation Type:

By far, the most popular option is car transport on an open trailer carrier. Pick-up time is usually less compared to transporting with an enclosed trailer.

Shipping Date:

When you book a car transport service, the shipping date often plays a huge role in pick-up time. Planning to ship a vehicle on a major holiday ( Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving) can increase the pick-up time a lot.

Time Of Year:

Pick-up time vary greatly based on the time of the year. Summer tends to be the busiest time of the year for car transporters.

Knowing this, you would naturally conclude that Winter means less pick-up time. However, it’s not. During the coldest months, ice and snow make driving a large truck a nightmare. Therefore, the car pick-up time often increases. 

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