myths and facts about car shipping costs

Myths and Facts About Car Shipping Cost

You might find yourself tangled in a web of myths and half-truths when shipping your prized four-wheeler. So, we’re here to set the record straight.

In this article, we will cover the most common myths and facts about car shipping costs:

  • Myth 1: Only the distance matters
  • Myth 2: All car shipping quotes are created equal
  • Myth 3: Any carrier will do
  • Myth 4: Cheaper is better
  • ​Myth 5: Timing doesn’t affect cost

Myth 1: Only the distance matters

Sure, the longer the journey, the heftier the bill—right? Wrong!

While distance when shipping your vehicle is a significant factor, it’s not the be-all and end-all. Variables like the type of car carrier also impact the cost.

Don’t ignore these when calculating your car shipping costs.

Fact: Multiple factors contribute

Surprisingly, your shipping cost is a cocktail of various elements:

Check out our Complete Guide to Car Shipping Costs for a more detailed breakdown.

Myth 2: All car shipping quotes are created equal

Here’s another doozy. One may think all quotes are uniform, but the devil is in the details.

Hidden fees and surcharges can sneak up on you.

Fact: Transparency is key

Always read the fine print. Ensure there are no hidden costs and that your quote includes insurance and other essential aspects.

Our guide on “What is a Car Shipping Calculator?” will enhance your understanding of how shipping quotes are determined. Receive a free quote today!

Myth 4: Cheaper is better

The allure of saving some dollars can be hard to resist.

However, choosing the cheapest car transport services may not always be the best option.

Fact: You get what you pay for

Cutting corners on cost often means compromising on service quality.

Lower prices could indicate a lack of insurance, fewer security measures, or a longer shipping time.

However, there are certain tricks and strategies to reduce the car shipping cost, without compromising the quality of the service: How to negotiate the best deal when choosing a car shipping service?

Car shipping reviews

Myth 3: Any carrier will do

No two carriers are alike. You wouldn’t put your luxury sedan in the hands of just anyone, would you?

Fact: Research is paramount

You must vet your car transport company. Browse through reviews and check their safety records.

A bit of diligence now can save you tons of regret later.

Myth 5: Timing doesn't affect cost

Shipping your car on any random day will NOT cost the same!

Fact: Timing is everything

Shipping during the week is usually less expensive than on weekends. Also, planning in advance can save you from last-minute surcharges.

Also, a frequently overlooked factor in the auto transport industry is seasonality. The car shipping business is affected by the changing seasons, which also changes prices because of supply and demand.

However, we’ve got your back with our article on The impact of seasonality on car shipping costs.

Knowledge is power when it comes to myths and facts about car shipping cost

When it comes to car shipping costs, myths abound.

But armed with facts, you can make an informed decision that won’t break the bank or give you heartburn.

Knowledge isn’t just power; it’s also savings, peace of mind, and the ticket to a smooth car shipping experience.

So go ahead, get your vehicle shipped, and steer clear of myths. Because you’ve got the facts!

To help you get the best deal possible, we have put together a blog post on: The Hidden Costs in Car Shipping: What to Look Out For

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