booking with multiple auto transport companies

Booking With Multiple Auto Transport Companies. Why Cheaper Is Not Better.

Shipping your vehicle with more than one auto transport company will slow down he process

In my experience, this often leads to more hassle than savings.

From what I’ve observed, looking for an auto transport service can get extremely complicated for those unfamiliar with the inner workings of the industry.

While getting quotes from different car shipping companies is smart, booking with multiple auto transport companies is a terrible idea as it will result in:

  • Price increase
  • Delays
  • Sabotage your move altogether
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Booking with multiple auto transport companies is one of the most common problems shipping experts handle on daily basis. 

Because it’s common practice to promise better service and lower rates, many first-time shippers book with multiple auto transport companies to see who picks up first at the lowest price.

That might sound like a clever strategy, but in reality, based on numerous discussions I’ve had with industry experts, it’s quite counterproductive.

Believe it or not, there is only one industry-standard platform auto transport companies, brokers, and carriers use.

The platform is called Central Dispatch. I find that the exclusivity of Central Dispatch, accessible only to DOT registered companies, significantly streamlines the booking process, though it complicates matters for customers unknowingly double-booking.

When 2 or 3 brokers list the same car, it becomes obvious to all carriers that the customer has booked with more than one company.

There may be 3 listings, but there’s only 1 car to move. Therefore, carriers don’t want to waste time scheduling a pick-up because another truck may already be there. Dry runs are waste of time, money, and gas.

When carriers see a double listing, they typically look for other options, which I think demonstrates a sensible reluctance to engage in potentially unprofitable ventures. They often let your car be someone else’s headache, wasted time, and effort.

Instead of speeding up your pick-up time, double listing it will do just the opposite.

Cheaper is not better.

In my view, another alarming consequence of double listing your car is the potential for a significant price increase, as carriers play brokers against each other to maximize their earnings.

Any carrier that would still be willing to pick up your vehicle will, more than likely, call each broker to see which one could get them the most money.

In this situation, the brokerage companies will offer more money to ensure they have a carrier lined up for their customer. The brokerage will then call the customer to present the option, and ask for more than the quoted price.

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