By submitting this Service Agreement (hereafter “Agreement”) online, sending via fax or requesting via email, you or your duly authorized representatives (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) understands and agrees that they are hiring the services of Unlimited Auto Trans LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Broker ”), a licensed & bonded transportation brokerage (U.S.DOT# 3250475 and     MC# 1022833), to arrange the shipment of their vehicle(s) with a Contract Carrier (hereafter referred to as “Carrier”). They further have read, understand, and will abide by the following terms and conditions.

Section 1: Contract Terms

  1. Customer agrees and understands that Broker is a registered transportation and property and is acting solely in the capacity of a broker. Broker will act as an agent for the Customer in arranging for the transportation, however Broker does not itself provide transportation or assume carrier or insurance obligations.
  2. Customer allows Broker to contract with other licensed and insured Motor Carrier(s), to transport the vehicle(s) described in the shipping order. Broker and Carrier reserve the right to use multiple modes of transportation, including but not limited to truck, rail and ship.
  3. Customer further agrees and understands that Broker’s sole responsibility in the transaction between the Customer and Broker is to procure a carrier for shipment of the customer’s property. Customer understands that Broker never takes possession of, transports, or delivers the Customer’s property.

Section 2: Customer Responsibilities

  1. Customer is responsible for properly preparing the vehicle(s) for transport.  This includes disarming any alarm systems and/or providing necessary remotes or codes for alarm systems.  In the event said alarm sounds and there are no keys or instructions to turn it off, Carrier may silence alarm by any means necessary.  All loose parts, fragile accessories, low hanging spoilers, etc. must be removed or secured properly before transport. This includes removal of all non-permanent fixtures, mounted luggage, and other racks prior to shipment. Any part of the vehicle that falls off during transport is the Customer’s responsibility including damages caused by said part to any vehicles(s) and/or person involved.
  2. Broker /Carrier will not be held responsible for delivery of personal property. If Customer wishes to put personal items in the vehicle, he does so at his own risk, and agrees that the personal property, must be confined to one suitcase OR one bag and stored in the trunk prior to transport.  The bag must not contain excluded items listed below, and bag must not exceed a total weight of 100 lbs.  Carrier and Broker are not liable for personal items left in vehicle, nor for damage to vehicle caused by excessive or improper loading of personal items. Excluded items for transport include, but are not limited to: Explosives, Guns, Ammunition, Flammable Products, Narcotics, Negotiable and Legal Papers, Alcoholic Beverages, Jewelry, Furs, Money, Live Pets, Live Plants, or any unlawful contraband. Customer agrees that Broker /Carrier may confiscate and/or dispose of said items without compensation due Customer
  3. Vehicles must be tendered to Carrier in good running condition (unless otherwise noted) with no more than one half tank of fuel, preferably 1/4 tank.  Your vehicle(s) is/are considered in good operational condition when able to be driven onto and off from the carrier, under the vehicle’s own power at all times, unless clearly noted on your order as ‘In-op’ or ‘Non-operational’.  Non-operational vehicles must roll, brake and steer.   Vehicles that are non-operational or become non-operational during shipment, for any reason, will be subject to an additional industry standard, a non-operational fee of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150.00). If a 3rd Party service provider is called to assist, Customer is responsible for fees incurred. If the vehicle is oversized (dual or oversized wheels, extra-large, racks, lifted, limo, etc.), Customer must inquire as to the extra charges prior to pick up. If Broker is not advised of inoperable or oversized/modified vehicles prior to pick up, all extra charges will be added to the total of the vehicle shipping price.
  4. Customer may request a specific pickup date, but due to the nature of the industry, delays may occur prior to, and/or during the transport. There are absolutely no guarantees regarding exact pickup or delivery times and dates. Any dates given are the Carrier’s projections only and are given solely to assist both you and the Carrier in the general arrangement of your schedules; dates given are not guaranteed, as certain conditions can alter a Carrier’s schedule (i.e., weather, road conditions, mechanical problems, etc.).  As such, you agree to hold Broker harmless for any expenses incurred as the result of any delays, including, but not limited to, any car rental fees or living accommodation expenses you incur.  Once a Carrier is assigned to your vehicle(s), you will be given the estimated dates of pickup (and delivery if possible) as well as the Carrier name and direct driver’s phone number. It is strongly recommended that you maintain reasonable contact with the Carrier and/or Broker to stay up to date on any schedule changes. 
  5. It is your responsibility to verify that all contact phone numbers given to Broker and subsequently to the Carrier are correct. If you are unable to meet the driver for an appointed time for pickup or delivery, you may designate an authorized representative on your behalf to release and/or accept the vehicle(s). You understand that if neither you nor your authorized representative is able to accept and/or remit proper payment for the vehicle(s) on delivery at the destination, the vehicle(s) may be stored in a facility chosen by the Carrier at your expense.
  6. It is Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle(s) is/are ready to be released to the chosen Carrier by the projected pickup date given on the order. Failure to release the vehicle(s) to the chosen Carrier on or after the date given by you when placing your order may result in a ‘Dry Run’ Fee. The industry standard for a ‘Dry Run’ fee is One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($199.00).
  7. If the Carrier is unable to access the pickup or delivery addresses provided by you, you agree to meet the Carrier at a mutually agreed upon nearby location, in order for the Carrier to safely and legally pick up or drop off your vehicle(s). Carrier will pick up and deliver as close to Customer’s door as legally and safely as possible.

Section 3: Damages and Insurance Coverage

  1. At the time of pickup, Customer and Carrier will carefully inspect the vehicle for pre-existing damage (exterior only) by completing a vehicle inspection report recorded on the Bill of Lading and Customer will both acknowledge the condition of the vehicle and Customer will sign and receive a copy of the Bill of Lading. You should not, under any circumstances, release a vehicle to a Carrier without a vehicle inspection report. This Agreement is subject to all of the terms and conditions of the Carrier‘s Bill of lading and any liability exclusions contained in it. You and Carrier, or your Representative and Carrier, are both required to sign and verify the initial vehicle inspection report. Failure to do so could result in your inability to process a damage claim. Carrier assumes responsibility for any damage not noted on the initial vehicle inspection report from that point, and throughout the transportation period, until the vehicle(s) is/are delivered to the agreed destination. Broker has no responsibility or liability for any damage to the vehicle(s) during transport or at any other time. At the time of delivery, Customer will carefully inspect the vehicle in the presence of the Carrier for possible damages incurred during transit. Carrier and Customer will both acknowledge the condition of the vehicle and Customer will sign and receive a final copy of the Bill of Lading. Carrier accepts responsibility for vehicle after pre-inspection is done and Bill of Lading is signed by the CustomerCarrier responsibility will end when the vehicle is delivered and Customer signs final Bill of Lading inspection.
  2. In the event there is damage during transport, Customer or his/her Representative must note those damages on the final copy of Bill of lading, pay the remaining balance due for the shipment of the vehicle(s) that is stated on the Broker contract and then contact the Broker’s main office. Signing the Bill of Lading and inspection report without notation of any damage verifies that Customer has received his vehicle(s) in satisfactory condition, and that Broker /Carrier and their agents are relieved of any further responsibility. All claims must be submitted in writing within 48 hours of delivery. 
  3. All Carriers selected by Broker are required to maintain mandatory insurance coverage to protect your vehicle(s) during transport to the destination. You may, at any time, request and receive from Broker, a copy of the Operating Authority as well as the Carrier’s Insurance Certificate selected for your order. Copies of the Carrier‘s bill of lading may be obtained from the Carrier‘s driver and/or their main office at the phone number provided. Upon releasing your vehicle(s) to the Carrier selected, you acknowledge your approval of the selected Carrier and accept the service from Broker to be complete.
  4. In order to provide additional assurances to CustomerBroker agrees to provide the following ‘Damage Free Guarantee’:
  5. Broker “Guarantees” the insurance coverage of the Carriers, pursuant to the following limitations: If there is damage to your vehicle, but the Carrier and it’s insurance company fail to pay the claim (outside of the Carrier‘s or insurance policy’s standard exclusions) on damage that was clearly caused by the Carrier, requiring you to file a claim with your own insurance company, Broker  will reimburse you, up to a maximum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) in order to cover your out-of-pocket deductible. So, if you file a claim under your insurance policy and your deductible is $500.00, upon acceptance by Broker, you’ll receive $500.00. If your deductible is $250.00, upon acceptance by Broker, you’ll receive $250.00. If your deductible is $1000.00, upon acceptance by Broker, you’ll receive the maximum payment of $500.00.
  6. You understand and agree that Broker, by offering this ‘Damage Free Guarantee’, does not accept any liability for damages occurring before, during or after transport. Further, in order to request this service from Broker, you must first file a claim with the Carrier and Carrier‘s insurance company and be denied. Also, you need to provide documentation that the Carrier claim was denied and that you filed a claim with your own insurance carrier, that repair work was actually performed and what the actual deductible amount is that was paid out-of-pocket, up to the Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) maximum allowance.
  7. This additional Extra Service is only available to you if you have paid Broker ‘s non-discounted Service Fee/Deposit of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00) per vehicle. Broker may withdraw this Extra Service at any time, without further notice.

Section 4: Pricing

  1. Total price for the transportation of your vehicle(s) is factored using numerous pieces of information including, the size and/or weight of the vehicle(s), among other things. Misrepresentation to Broker of the vehicle(s) size and/or weight may result in additional fees and/or the cancellation of the order. Orders canceled due to misrepresentation of the vehicle(s) will forfeit any service fees that have been previously paid to Broker.
  2. Payments for the balance due to the Broker must be made according to Payment Terms (30 Days by check)
  3. Customer warrants that he/she will pay the full transportation price due to Broker in full and will not try to offset any dispute for damage claims and/or delays etc. from freight (transport) charges. Should Customer be unable to accept delivery for any reason, the vehicle will be placed in storage. Any and all storage and re-delivery charges will be the responsibility of Customer.

Section 5: Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. The option to cancel a shipping order is available at any time, at no cost to Customer and without cancellation fee, as long as the order has not yet been assigned (dispatched) to a Carrier (transporter). Our services are considered rendered when a Carrier (transporter) is assigned to an order.
  2. Refunds will be processed within 2 business days of receipt of the written cancellation request.
  3. Cancellation of an order must be submitted in writing via email sent to [email protected].  Carrier does not accept, or honor cancellations made via phone call or voicemail message.
  4. Once a Carrier (transporter) has been assigned (dispatched) to a shipping order, Carrier notifies Customer via email (to the email address provided at service booking).  If Customer decides to cancel the shipping order after a Carrier (transporter) has been assigned (dispatched), $ 199.00 cancellation fee will be billed to Customer, as our services have been rendered. Any remaining balance will be refunded to Customer in full as outlined above.
  5. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Illinois. You agree that any legal action arising out of this Agreement must be filed in a court within Cook County, Illinois and that Carrier’s liability is limited only to the amount of Broker’s Service Fee. You hereby submit to the jurisdiction of such court and waive any right to jurisdiction in any other location.
  6. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any communications or previous agreements with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement. There are no written or oral understandings directly or indirectly related to this Agreement that are not set forth herein. No change can be made to this Agreement other than in writing and signed by Customer and a Corporate Officer of Broker.
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