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SHIP YOUR CAR FROM Michigan To California

If you have lived in Detroit, Ann Arbor, or elsewhere in Michigan, you know the many reasons why the state is loved by so many. But if you are like many people, the lure of California’s warm weather and unique attractions such as Hollywood may find you calling the state your new home. If this happens, it will be important to make your move out west one that’s filled with excitement rather than frustration. For many people, problems ensue when they fail to make the best arrangements to have their vehicle transported to their new home. Rather than make this mistake with your car, contact the nation’s premier car shipping professionals at Unlimited Auto Trans.

Car Transport Companies Near You

At Unlimited Auto Trans, we realize you are very busy when making a move from Michigan to California. Because of this, your schedule is always taken into consideration when arranging pickup and delivery of your car. Once matched with a trucking company in your area, the driver will contact you to arrange a date, time, and location that always fits best into your schedule. To get your price estimate and arrange your car’s trip to California, call our Customer Support agents at 888-435-9766 or fill out the online form at unlimitedautotrans.com.

Affordable Car Transportation Option

When arranging your car’s pickup and delivery, we make the process easy for our customers. To begin with, you can choose to book online or speak with our Customer Support agents to complete the process. Once you do, you’ll be able to get various questions answered, such as what type of trailer would be best for your car. While many of our customers use a standard open trailer, many others select enclosed trailers, especially if they are having luxury or classic cars transported. Whatever your needs, we are here to help.


When your car is on its way to California, you can always find out how the trip is progressing. By calling a Customer Support agent assigned specifically to your vehicle or choosing to call your car’s truck driver directly, you can always get status reports that are friendly and up-to-date. By doing so, peace of mind can always be yours from the moment your car is loaded onto its trailer until it is offloaded at your new California home.

How to Request a Price Estimate

When you try to leave the details of your car’s transport to the very end, you’ll be dealing with fly-by-night companies that often charge excessive fees. To add insult to injury, these fees are rarely disclosed until you are handed the final bill. At Unlimited Auto Trans, you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees or jacked-up prices to transport your vehicle from Michigan to California. Instead, when you call us at 888-435-9766 or visit our website unlimitedautotrans.com to fill out a short price estimate form, you’ll always get a quote that is not only fair and reasonable, but also includes all charges associated with your car’s trip.

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