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Why should I use an auto transportation broker?

  • Brokers t have access to a large network of carriers. They don’t actually have their own fleet of trucks and as a result they don’t handle the direct shipping of any vehicles. They are the “middleman” between the customer and the carrier.
  • The brokers primary function is to find and vet the best carriers for each customer given their vehicle type and shipping time frame.
  • Another important role of the broker  is to manage and coordinate, all car shipments on behalf of their customers.
  •  Most carriers don’t have advanced call centers and those that do aren’t usually great at providing customer support.  
  • A reliable auto transportation broker has Claims Department, which is very helpful in case your vehicle is damaged during transportation.

     It is important to understand that auto transportation industry is very dynamic and delays occur often. Many times the truck drivers and their dispatchers are busy and DO NOT provide timely updates. That’s why as a customer you need a partner, who will keep you updated and make sure your precious vehicle arrives at the destination. Someone who will go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible service. That’s what all shipping specialists at Unlimited Auto Trans are trained to do on a daily basis.

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