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What do I need to do to inspect my car at the point of delivery?

At Pickup:

  1. Before loading your vehicle, you and the truck driver carefully inspect your vehicle for pre-existing scratches, dents and other damage. 
  2. On the bill of lading form there is an image of the vehicle. The truck driver marks all pre-existing damages in the correct area of the image.
  3. It is highly recommended to tell the truck driver to record the current mileage of your vehicle’s odometer. It’s also highly recommended to take several pictures of the vehicle at pickup and again at delivery.
  4.  Both the truck driver and you sign the document and each must keep a copy of it.

At Delivery:

  1. At the time of delivery, the truck driver must allow you to carefully inspect your vehicle again.
  2. If there are any NEW scratches, dents or other damages to your vehicle you MUST mark them on the bill of lading in the proper area of the image and write down in the field for exceptions/comments an exact description of the NEW damage. Just as at pickup, taking pictures at delivery, especially if there is new damage, is highly recommended.
  3. Sign the for only after inspecting the vehicle.  Both  should sign the document and each must keep a copy of it.
  4. After the inspection, if there is a balance due for your shipment, legally you still must pay the trucker even if there is an issue with the vehicle. An insurance claim and payment of freight charges are two entirely different transactions.

If there is a disagreement between you and the truck driver at the time of delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our shipping expert will assist you!

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