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How long does it take to transport my vehicle?

It depends on your pickup and delivery location as well as weather conditions and restrictions. Check out the chart with the estimated Transit Time based on mileage.

Miles Transit Time
0 - 200 mi. 1 - 2 days
200 - 500 mi. 2 - 4 days
500 - 1000 mi. 4 - 6 days
1000 - 1500 mi. 5 - 7 days
1500 - 2000 mi. 6 - 9 days
2000 - 2500 mi. 8 - 10 days
2500 and more 9 + days

First Available Date...

…is very important when you are trying to determine how long it will take to transport a vehicle.  FAD indicates when your vehicle is ready to be picked up, however it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be picked up on that particular date. It may take 1 to a few days, depending on the route, carrier availability and weather conditions.

Route and Restrictions...

When transporting a vehicle, not only are we concerned with the distance between destinations, but also which roads will be traveled to get there.

The route chosen can give insight into other factors that could impact how long it takes and what it costs to transport a car.

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