Your price is determined by mileage, vehicle size, pickup and delivery locations, as well as any specific needs that you may have. We will provide you the best service at the best price possible on auto transport market.

For open transport, we transport vehicles on the car carriers you see on the highways (the stacked double-decker like trailers). On enclosed transport, vehicles are transported in fully-enclosed semi-trucks but with the interior designed to secure vehicles (from the outside they look like the typical cargo or moving truck).

In terms of damage, there is not a huge difference between the two options. However, on an open transport, the vehicle is exposed and would, therefore, be subject to weather conditions and wear-and-tear on the road (just as if you were driving it yourself) as opposed to the enclosed trucks, which protect the vehicle from the elements.

Yes, of course. Part of what you pay us for is to verify that the carrier we put you on is covered by the requisite amount of insurance and that it is up to date. There is never any additional cost to the customer for this coverage, and their insurance is primary. In any situation your vehicle is covered for all damages done while your car is in transit.

Damage is rare, but unfortunately it does happen. The single most important thing for you to do if your vehicle is damaged is to note the damage on your final Bill of lading report when you receive the vehicle.

The Bill of lading is the report that the driver will fill out on pickup, denoting if there is any pre-existing damage. Any damage that occurs in transit must be entered on this report on delivery. Failure to do so could seriously hinder your damage claim, so we cannot stress this enough. Look your vehicle over thoroughly when you receive it. The Bill of lading is a document that releases the carrier of liability once signed at delivery. Damage that is not documented on the Bill of lading will not be honored by the insurance company.

No, all that is required to book your vehicle transport is full pickup and delivery addresses and a credit card just to hold your spot in line for the next truck available in dispatch. Your card is only for the deposit which is charged once we have assigned a driver for your vehicle and we have supplied you with your driver’s name and phone number. Only then your credit card is charged a $200 deposit which is included in your Quote price.

We do not take any money upon placement of the order. We will keep a credit card on file and only run the deposit amount when the vehicle is dispatched, and the truck is on its way to pick up your vehicle. The balance is paid upon delivery of the vehicle either by Cash, Money order, Certified check, or also on the credit card. If it is impossible and the balance is paid with a credit card, we will need to know in advance. Please, arrange it with our reps to have the whole balance charged on a credit card prior to delivery (there will be a small surcharge added to your total).

The more advance notice we receive the better, so we can best meet your specific needs. If you are in an urgent situation, please call us as soon as possible, and your agent will discuss your options with you.

No, all dates given are estimates and projections. For this reason, we ask that you give us the earliest possible date you would be willing to release the vehicle, even though it may not be your preferred date. We put you in direct contact with your carrier and the carrier will also typically call you the afternoon or evening before your pickup and delivery (they won’t just show up unannounced, and if they do, we want to hear about it). However, carriers are out on the road battling traffic, weather and any number of other factors that can and do throw it off their pickup and delivery projections from time to time. If the projected dates we give you come and you are unable to make a contact with your carrier, please call our office immediately so that we may help resolve the situation.

Yes, it is required that you or a designated representative be present at pickup and delivery. The driver will perform an inspection and some paper work must be signed. If it’s not possible for you or a representative to be there at the time of pick up/delivery, please call our Customer service at: 888-435-9766.

The Department of Transportation does not allow any items to be shipped in a vehicle on an auto carrier. Drivers can be subject to random searches, and extra items can also put the carrier over their weight restrictions, resulting in expensive fines for the driver. Unlimited Auto Trans, and/or the assigned Carrier, is not responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle. Also, items placed in the car are not insured.

We request that you have a minimum of 1/8 tank of gas (but no more than ½ tank) due to DOT weight restrictions. We also ask that if your vehicle is dirty to have a car wash prior pick up so the vehicle will have visibility for proper inspection. For more details, please visit our Prepare your car section.

We try to go Door-to-door on both ends, if there is a truck access. Vehicles are transported on large, semi-trucks so if you live on a narrow street, we may have to coordinate a pickup/delivery at a nearby parking lot or shopping center where there is enough space for the truck to maneuver to load/unload the vehicle.

The driver or dispatcher should be calling you a day in advance to give you a 2-hour window. If there is any delay or change in the schedule, we will try to inform you right away, so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

That depends on how many miles the vehicle is traveling. A driver is only allowed to drive a certain number of miles or hours each day. They also have other cars to unload and load which will add additional time, but we will be able to provide you with the drop off date as soon as the vehicle is dispatched.

Yes, we always ask for your specific pickup and delivery addresses, if the carrier can get right to the addresses you provide, they will. If the addresses that you give us are not safely accessible for a Multi-car carrier, however, you will need to make arrangements with the driver to meet at a nearby location where the carrier can safely get in and out (parking lot of a nearby shopping center, mall, etc.)

Communication is one of the most important parts of auto transport. You will be provided with both the driver and dispatcher’s number to call at any point to get an update. We kindly ask not to call the driver an overly amount, since we want them focusing on the road.

Is your question not listed here? Please feel free to call one our agents at 888-435-9766 and they will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you may have.